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Turbofan Combi Ovens

Big picture. Small details. Turbofan Combi Ovens

Now is the time to realise it. The Turbofan 40 Series combi oven packs a whole lot of intuitive functionality and raw power into its compact 812mm-wide footprint. Take your kitchen to a new degree of productivity. Step up to the next level of possibility.

Fit in. Stand out – the design behind the 40 Series Combi Oven.

With refined lines and sophisticated design the entirely flat 40 Series lets you make the most of your space, be it behind the scenes or out in front of the crowd. Tuck it away in the bar area or have it pride of place in the open kitchen – either way you’ll be happy to see this high performer deliver the goods time and time again.


The combi-steamer interior has perfectly smooth cooking chamber walls with rounded edges for easy cleaning.


The chamber is sealed by a double-glazed door with thermo-reflective tempered glass. The air cavity within the door prevents heat radiation from reaching users and increases efficiency, while the internal glass with book opening allows for easy cleaning.


It’s the auto-reverse action to spin your wheels. Here the automatic inversion of the fan direction ensures perfectly uniform cooking.


This innovative Ecospeed system calibrates power levels based on the amount of food being cooked. It’s a clever feature that optimises heat delivery while minimizing waste; all the while ensuring temperatures remain constant throughout. * This system is available on digital models only.


Available in the digital models of the 40 Series, this tool provides a reliable alternative to timer operation. The multi-point temperature probe can be used in conjunction with any program mode by sensing internal product temperature for an accurate cooking result.


The Turbofan Combi Automatic Moisture Control system maintains the ideal climate inside the cooking chamber (by controlling both temperature and humidity) - ideal for grilling or frying.


A manual cleaning system is available on all models, the externally fitted hand shower providing a durable and effective quick-clean tool.


The 40D Series (Digital) is designed with an exclusive automatic cleaning system with replaceable liquid detergent cartridges. So there’s no more dangerous topping up of chemical products and no unsightly tanks on show. Just select the required cleaning cycle and it will clean itself automatically. * This system is available on the 40D Series only

Straight forward control.

With three models – manual or digital control, the Turbofan Combi’s are easy to understand and efficient to use.


There’s straightforward simplicity with the manual control’s three cooking modes: convection, steam and combination mode. Easy to use electromechanical controls with manual switchgears and three controller knobs allow you to set cooking mode, time and temperature.


• Electro-mechanical controls to set time, temperature and operation mode
• Temperature range 50-260°C
• Manual timer range up to 120 minutes
• Selector for convection, steam and combi modes
• Door open rapid cool down function
• Manual cleaning system with externally connected hand shower
• Hand shower with fittings and connections included
• Auto-reverse (automatic inversion of the direction of the fan) for perfectly uniform cooking
• Manual chamber venting
• LED chamber lighting

40 Series manual models 

EC40M5 – 5 tray manual combi oven
EC40M7 – 7 tray manual combi oven
EC40M10 – 10 tray manual combi oven



A digital controller offers hassle-free Touch & Cook functionality.  The easy to understand icons allow you to start straight away and continue with ease. Along with the central scroll and push knob for settings and choices,
the digital models also offers a handy memo board. So now you can make a note of any specific cooking requirements for future use.


• 2 fan speeds, low speed also reduces the heating power.
• Electronic Touch sensitive control panel
• High-visibility alphanumeric LED display
• Programmable automatic pre-heating
• 10 pre-programmed cooking modes identifiable by instant-start food icons
• Programmable memory from mode numbers 11 to 89 in automatic sequence (up to 4 cycles).
• Favourites list - All programs can be associated with any icons
• Handy memo board – make a note of cooking program
• Manual cooking with three cooking modes – Convection (30°C-260°C), Steam (30°C-130°C), Combi (30°C-260°C)
• Single cycle manual mode or up to 4 cycles in automatic sequence
• Automatic Moisture Control system for moisture levels in cooking chamber in convection and combination modes
• Core probe ready for internal food temperature control (multipoint core temperature probe optional)
• Self-diagnostic operation check before and during use, with detailed description and audible fault warnings
• Auto-reverse (automatic inversion of the direction of the fan) for perfectly uniform cooking
• Automatic cleaning system with Liquid Clean System (LCS)
• Cleaning programs – Manual, Rinse, Eco, Soft, Medium, Hard
• Hand shower with fittings and connections included
• Automatic chamber venting control
• Timed LED cooking chamber lighting

40 Series digital models (click to view each model in detail)

EC40D5 – 5 tray digital combi oven
EC40D7 – 7 tray digital combi oven
EC40D10 – 10 tray digital combi oven